Terms of Service

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Know Your Rights

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Terms of Service: Support Contributions

1. Nature of Support

The support you provide through our platform, whether financial or otherwise, is a form of assistance to Abby Gorman Coaching LLC in its operations and endeavors. It is important to understand that this support is not considered a charitable donation.

2. Non-Charitable Contribution

Your support is an invaluable contribution to the sustainability and growth of Abby Gorman Coaching LLC. However, it is important to clarify that such contributions are not classified as charitable donations. They are not tax-deductible and do not qualify for any tax exemptions or benefits typically associated with charitable giving.

3. Acknowledgment of Support

We acknowledge and appreciate every form of support received. However, we are obligated to clarify the nature of these contributions for transparency and legal purposes. All supporters should be aware that their contributions are considered as support payments and not charitable donations.

4. Use of Contributions

Contributions received will be utilized in the operation, maintenance, development, and enhancement of Abby Gorman Coaching LLC and its services/products. These funds enable us to continue our work and to strive for excellence in our offerings.

5. No Refund Policy

Once made, support contributions are non-refundable. We encourage our supporters to carefully consider their contributions before making them.

6. Amendment of Terms

Abby Gorman Coaching LLC reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. All changes will be effective immediately upon posting to our website or through direct communication with our supporters.